Eurocraft stands out as a premier specialist in commercial fit-outs, from shop fitting in Auckland to restaurant renovations. Our commitment to excellence, premium finishing, and superior workmanship has established Eurocraft as a trusted name in the industry. Jonny prides himself on completing bespoke timber construction and cabinetry services on time and on budget.

Leading The Way Among Commercial Fit-Out companies in auckland

With different skill sets acquired over the years, Eurocraft has adapted to each individual project’s demands and exceeded client expectations. Eurocraft has successfully completed bespoke commercial carpentry for a diverse range of projects, including:

Bar fit-outs 

Shop fitting Auckland

Restaurant fit-outs

Hard landscaping design

Hard landscaping Auckland

Decks and office spaces 

Designer doors 

Acoustic panelling and feature ceilings

Eurocraft takes pride in being one of the prominent shop fitters Auckland, offering innovative solutions for commercial fit-outs and carpentry projects. Our expertise extends to crafting bespoke solutions for shop fitting Auckland, collaborating closely with clients to ensure their vision comes to life. We provide a service that is quality assured, having worked on high-pressure carpentry jobs that are all about the precision details.

Eurocraft relies on its experience to ensure projects are completed and doesn’t compromise on quality even under pressure.

As experienced shop fitters Auckland, we are committed to delivering top-notch results that exceed expectations.

We deliver high-end bespoke artisan timber constructions for our commercial clients. Desks and office fit-outs with a unique and original flare are corporate projects that Eurocraft has taken on and successfully completed in the past.

Contemporary Joinery and Carpentry

Jonny keeps his finger on the pulse to be able to deliver professional and contemporary designs, whether that is cabinetry or kitchen designs or hard landscaping Auckland. He is able to problem solve and come up with creative solutions that make use of space and acoustics to bring out the best in every space. He is adaptable, highly detailed and skilled in his crafts of cabinetry and joinery as well as bespoke timber builds. Jonny has done everything from custom designed doors to innovative Auckland hard landscaping and interesting shop fittings in Auckland that are outside the norm. With each project, he focuses on design, quality and workmanship.

Enhancing Ambiance with Acoustic Ceiling Panels

In the realm of commercial fit-outs, ambiance plays a crucial role in creating inviting spaces that resonate with customers. Eurocraft understands this necessity and offers innovative solutions to elevate your environment further. Our expertise extends to the installation of acoustic ceiling panels, designed not only to enhance aesthetics but also to improve acoustics within your space. Incorporating acoustic ceiling panels into our designs, Eurocraft ensures optimal sound quality and control in commercial spaces, elevating the experience for customers and employees alike.

Acoustic ceiling panels serve as a multifaceted solution, absorbing excess noise and minimizing reverberation, thus fostering a more comfortable and conducive atmosphere for your clientele. Whether it’s a bustling restaurant or a vibrant retail store, integrating acoustic ceiling panels can significantly enhance the overall experience for both customers and employees alike.

With Eurocraft’s meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality, our team ensures seamless integration of acoustic ceiling panels into your commercial space. By strategically placing these panels, we not only enhance the visual appeal but also optimize the acoustic environment, creating a harmonious setting that reflects positively on your brand.

Eurocraft is one of the best commercial fit out companies Auckland that has worked with architects and construction companies all over the area for architectural designed joinery and cabinetry that has been handcrafted to the client’s requirements. We have the ability to think outside the box and bring a wealth of experience to the table to deliver our timber projects on time and on budget, every time!

Eurocraft: Elevating Standards Among Commercial Fit-Out Ccompanies in Auckland

Collaborative Approach with Architects and Construction Companies

Eurocraft is one of the best commercial fit-out companies in Auckland that has worked with architects and construction companies all over the area for architectural designed joinery and cabinetry that has been handcrafted to the client’s requirements. We have the ability to think outside the box and bring a wealth of experience to the table to deliver our timber projects on time and on budget, every time!

Innovative Thinking, Timeless Results

Eurocraft possesses the ability to think outside the box, infusing a wealth of experience into every project. This approach ensures the timely and budget-friendly delivery of our timber projects, solidifying our reputation as industry leaders.

Project Advisory and Management Mastery

In each project, Eurocraft serves as more than just a contractor; we are advisors, managers, and representatives, infusing pride into every aspect. Our commitment extends beyond meeting expectations, creating retail spaces that consistently exceed the visions of our clients and captivate their customers. Our meticulous attention to detail, unwavering commitment to quality, and adeptness at working within budget position Eurocraft as the go-to choice for commercial fit-outs throughout New Zealand.

Dedicated Teams: Orchestrating Excellence in Construction

At the heart of our success lies our dedicated team, efficiently managing the construction process and ensuring the creation of retail spaces that truly showcase the essence of our clients’ brands. From the initial building consent to the final flooring touch, Eurocraft is intricately involved in every step.

Nationwide Network of Trust

Eurocraft’s influence extends far beyond Auckland, creating a nationwide network of satisfied owners who entrust us with their businesses and brands. Our experience spans the entire country, solidifying our position as a reliable and trusted partner.

Innovative Retail Solutions: Beyond Store Construction

Eurocraft’s understanding of the unique requirements of each retail fit enables us to consistently deliver innovative solutions that surpass expectations. Our projects transcend the traditional concept of store construction; we specialize in creating immersive retail spaces that resonate with target audiences, fostering lasting connections between brands and customers.

Partners in Your Success: Nurturing Your Brand with Excellence

Eurocraft’s commitment to excellence goes beyond the realm of a commercial fit-out company; we become partners in your success. Every project reflects the values and identity of your company. In the dynamic landscape of commercial fit-outs, Eurocraft stands as your reliable partner, providing top-notch services that transform your vision into reality.

Elevating Your Commercial Space with Eurocraft

Eurocraft emerges as your premier partner in transforming commercial spaces. With a rich history of successful projects, unparalleled expertise, and a commitment to excellence, we take pride in being Auckland’s top choice for commercial fit-outs and carpentry services.

Our journey, marked by innovative solutions, collaborative approaches, and a nationwide network of satisfied clients, showcases our dedication to creating retail spaces that transcend expectations. From bespoke timber constructions to contemporary designs, Eurocraft’s meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to quality make us your reliable ally in the dynamic landscape of commercial fit-outs.

Ready to Elevate Your Space?

Explore the possibilities with Eurocraft and let us bring your vision to life. Contact us today to discuss your project, and let’s embark on a journey of collaborative excellence.


1. What sets Eurocraft apart when it comes to shop fitting in Auckland?

Eurocraft isn't just a commercial fit-out company; we're the go-to shop fitters in Auckland. Our commitment to excellence shines through in everything we do, from creating bespoke timber constructions to handling restaurant renovations. If you're invested in a retail space or shop fit that stands out, Eurocraft is proud to represent a trusted name in the industry.

2. How does Eurocraft bring a collaborative edge to commercial fit-outs in New Zealand?

Our approach at Eurocraft goes beyond the conventional. We collaborate seamlessly with architects and construction companies across Auckland, ensuring your project, be it hard landscaping or a unique shop fit, is crafted with precision. Think of us not just as commercial fit-out experts but as your dedicated team, ready to advise, manage, and bring your vision to life.

3. Can you elaborate on Eurocraft's role in representing brands through retail spaces?

At Eurocraft, we take our role beyond being a commercial fit-out company Auckland. We're your partners in success, dedicated to creating retail spaces that resonate with your brand. From building consent to the final flooring touch, we're involved in every detail, ensuring your business in New Zealand stands out. Your success is our success, and we're proud to manage projects that make your brand shin

4. How does Eurocraft contribute to the nationwide network of commercial fit-out success?

Eurocraft's influence extends far beyond Auckland; our experience spans the entire country. Our nationwide network speaks to the satisfaction of owners who proudly stock their stores with the results of our collaborative efforts. From bar fit-outs to hard landscaping in different parts of the country, Eurocraft is involved, and we're proud to represent a trusted name in commercial fit-outs in Auckland.

5. What can a potential buyer expect when partnering with Eurocraft for their retail space?

Partnering with Eurocraft means more than just a transaction; it's a journey marked by innovation and dedication. Our dedicated team manages every step, from advising on the design to representing your brand through the final flooring choice. If you're ready to elevate your retail store or business space in New Zealand, Eurocraft is here to create, advise, and manage the transformation, ensuring every detail reflects the proud identity of your brand.

6. What benefits do acoustic ceiling panels offer for commercial spaces?

Acoustic ceiling panels, offered by Eurocraft as part of our comprehensive fit-out services, provide numerous benefits for commercial spaces. These panels effectively absorb sound, reducing noise levels and improving overall acoustics, creating a more comfortable and productive environment for employees and customers alike. Additionally, acoustic ceiling panels enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space while contributing to energy efficiency by helping to regulate temperature. With Eurocraft's premium acoustic solutions, you can transform your commercial space into a more functional and inviting environment.